Music Motivation

Even before you make the decision you want to buy a guitars, even if you have the time and the money, you have to know that playing a guitars - or any instrument - is an investment in that time and money. You have to be realistic with yourself and know that you will not be good at first, and it may even be frustrating at times. If you persevere through that frustration and keep a positive attitude towards it, it can be very rewarding.

I've had many friends of mine become very intrigued when they saw my ability to play guitars flourish. A few of them were so motivated that they decided to go out and buy a guitars of their own and learn to develop the skill. I will tell you right now there were a lot more who played for a month, got tired of it and quit then who saw through to the end to become a real guitarist.

I believe this to be a story of many aspiring musicians. They tend to get very excited when they see how rewarding a thing like playing guitars can be and they go out and buy their instrument and when they find that they can't play it just like their favorite musicians instantly they become very discouraged. You have to step away from that anticipation to be that developed in the skill and really look at it as an investment of time.

Music motivation can come in many forms. Before that can come you will need to take the time to practice, practice, practice! Once this has set in to your mind and becomes something you really strive for, you will start to notice yourself getting better and better. Try not to focus on the big picture of when you will be shredding with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, but think to yourself "wow, I remember when a week ago I couldn't even play that…" Thinking with this mindset will really help to keep you motivated and not discouraged.

Look from week to week, and month to month, and notice how much you have improved. It's especially rewarding when someone close to you mentions how much better you are becoming. In keeping this attitude of perseverance the rewards will keep coming in as you can play your first riff, then your first chord, then your first song and so forth. Likewise, set realistic goals for yourself. Say "I'm going to be able to play this song/solo/chord in X amount of time!" When that goal is achieved, that will be all the motivation you will ever need to keep playing. You'll soon find it has become an addiction for you, and we can hope that it doesn't become too addicting and get in the way of our daily activites!

The real difficult part is the beginning, but like I've mentioned several times earlier you should know from the start that the beginning is an investment, a skill that you have to develop. That is where I hope this article can help you my friends! If you've become discouraged keep on pushing through and a few weeks or months or however long down the road, you will be immensely grateful that you pushed through the frustrating times and kept your head up and completed the goal that was burned into your brain when you first saw that motivating figure. Go get that guitar that has been collecting dust, pick it up and achieve that goal you set for yourself in the past.

Good luck to all you inspiring musicians! Learning to play a musical instrument is a great ability to have and can be very rewarding for yourself and those around you.

By : John Brown
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